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    Once you start, you just can’t stop. And that’s the true beauty of this product.

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    Once you start, you just can’t stop. And that’s the true beauty of this product.

Enjoy Retirement in a Sheltered Oasis in the Heart of a Community at Whitby Lakes Retirement Village

When you visit Whitby Lakes Retirement Village, Wellington, it is difficult to imagine that there could be a place so tranquil, yet so close to the city. Whitby has a strong sense of community not often found in city suburbs. And Whitby Lakes Retirement Village is located in the very heart of that community – right beside the Whitby Shopping Centre, overlooking the lake and walkways, and right across the road from the Bowling Club. All that and so much more, right on your doorstep.

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Enjoy picturesque Whitby Lake

Built on the edge of a lake and right next door to the Whitby Shopping Centre makes this the ideal place to retire.

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There are apartments, retirement apartments, and then there is the quality of Whitby Lakes’ retirement apartments.

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All new Lifestyle Facilities

If you haven’t been out to Whitby
Lakes lately – it’s well worth a trip,
there’s an awful lot to see!

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Whitby Lakes has one of the best locations for a retirement village in New Zealand

If you were a fly on the wall at the new Whitby Lakes Retirement Village apartments you’d likely be hearing resident’s say things like: “Where else could you get this quality of life?
The views are wonderful; and one of the best things about living here is we get all these wonderful facilities.” These are actual quotes made by residents.

The staff are brilliant…

“The staff are brilliant, they’ve attended to everything I’ve needed or wanted.” Colleen Kelly

All the facilities we ever need…

“The bowling club’s over the road. Probus meets next door and the village centre has all the facilities we ever need.” Barry & Dulcie Bryant

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FINAL Stage of apartments selling now – Two and Three bedroom apartments priced from $545,000!
Call Vicki on 021 375 091 today.

Thinking of moving into a retirement village? Choose one with an unbeatable location and great views.

Unbeatable Location and Views

Panoramic Views…Unbeatable Location…Lifestyle on your Doorstep…

Whitby Shopping Centre

The village is built literally right next door to the ShoppingCentre.

An Amazing Lifestyle Centre

Relax in the spa or exercise in the heated swimming pool.